About SeaKit and the product that will change your boat.

Seapest Overview

Seapest will be headquartered in Plantation, Fla., and will operate as a developer and distributor of self-administered pest control techniques designed specifically for the marine industry. The company has developed a patented four-part pest control program that is non-toxic and eco-friendly and functions as a solution for any type of infestation in boats, vessels and yachts. Seapest will strive to serve their customers through the Sea Kit and other services as well as education regarding best practices for boat owners and enthusiasts. Seapest understands the importance of protecting each customer’s investment and for some, passion.

Product Description

Seapest will be affiliated with a well-respected pest control company that currently services marinas and has extensive connections with various boat owners in the state of Florida and around the United States. The company’s patented self-administered pest control system is designed to help boat owners treat all types of infestations while maintaining the condition of their vessels. There is no way to quantify the importance of this product and the information Seapest can offer owners

Seapest’s patented product is called Sea Kit, and includes the following items:

  • Bora Ball
  • Sea Spray
  • Sea Scent
  • Shark Bite

Market Analysis Summary

According to the Special Report on Fishing and Boating from 2010, more than 7% of all Americans older than 16, approximately 20.5 million people own a boat. Additionally, 9.6 million boat enthusiasts are considering ownership. This report goes on to explain that 7.9% of males versus 6.6% of females are owners and that bass fishing boats are the most popular type, accounting for 18.6% of the total number owned. Deck and pontoon boats account for 14.5% of all boats, with kayaks and canoes making up 13.6% and cruisers making up 12.4%. The majority of owners (78.5%) own just a single boat. Approximately 50% of owners purchased their boat new, and, of those, 87.2% went through a dealership.