Be Mindful of Marine Ecosystems

We will never downplay the need for pest control on your boat, yacht or vessel – it is extremely important to protect your investment. With that said, when those chemicals enter the water, they can be extremely harmful for marine life that call the ocean their home.

There are many household chemicals harmful for fish and other marine life. Obvious substances like paint and gasoline are a ‘given’ when it comes to their harmful nature in marine ecosystems. Other less recognized items, such as cleaning solutions, are especially hazardous, with strong ingredients that enter the water and spread quickly. Even items that claim to be safe for humans can be fatal for fish or plant life living in the water.

Chemicals enter the water in many different ways. When cleaning a house or a dock, chemicals can enter the water by wind, which unfortunately can happen even with the best intentions. In addition, chemicals can enter through water runoff, which drains into open bodies of water, potentially harming those that call oceans and lakes home.

Given the previous examples, you can imagine how easy it is for harmful chemicals to enter the water when cleaning or treating a vessel for bugs. Sometimes, people are reckless and pour water used to clean or leftover chemicals into the ocean, choosing not to properly dispose of these items when cleaning their boat or vessel. This is why it is imperative that you pay attention to the products you use and the way you, or the people you hire, use them on your boat. Inform your families and your neighbors about safety when it comes to cleaning and treating boats.

While I know many of us would say we are concerned with the health of fish, sea mammals and coral, it really hits home when we talk about how it affects humans. Many people enjoy the taste of fish and consume a large amount in their diet; especially those that live near water and can get it fresh. The fresh fish you enjoy at dinner this Friday night could potentially be infected by pesticides, which entered the water while someone was cleaning their boat or treating it for bugs.

Unfortunately, the lack of attentiveness by you or a fellow boat owner could come back around and negatively affect you and your family.

Our actions truly affect every aspect of the World’s ecosystem. Pest control is extremely important, especially when it comes to a lifetime investment such as a boat or vessel. More important, though, is protecting marine life than cannot otherwise protect themselves from these harmful substances.

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