Importance of Keeping a Clean Boat

Most people are mindful of keeping a clean house and the idea of having a pest problem motivates immediate action. When it comes to one’s boat, there isn’t always as much urgency to keep everything clean and bug-free. This is most likely because you spend more time in your home and there is a feeling of ruggedness when it comes to a boat that is stored outside.

Unfortunately, if people choose to be inattentive with the cleanliness of their vessel, there could be serious consequences. Boats are major investments, especially large vessels such as yachts and mega yachts. If you don’t spend the necessary time cleaning and exterminating bugs, you could have a major loss on hand.

Wood destroying bugs, such as termites, can destroy a boat in a very short period of time. It starts with a small problem and can escalate to a point where the structural competence of the boat is compromised. Even worse, the problem may be realized when it is too late and your out on the water, which is a major safety hazard.

Keeping a clean boat that is free of pests is not just about getting rid of the bugs that are already there, but more about advance prevention. It is important to be proactive about keeping food and trash out of open spaces, keeping the cabin of the boat dry and securing the boat when not using it. It is also beneficial to have frequent check ups to prevent a problem from developing and escalating without your knowledge.

It is important to note that most household cleaners are not sufficient for marine vessels and are oftentimes not eco-friendly. While household items are sufficient for cleaning indoor furniture and floors, boat cleaners require different formulas and strengths. In addition, many household cleaners are not safe for use due to the potential of harmful chemicals entering the ocean.

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