A detailed description of Seapest’s branded Sea Kit for boats:

Bora Ball The patent pending Bora Ball is a small, ping-pong ball shaped plastic that has an opening at the top of the ball. A suction cup with two arms holds the product on a balanced swivel with the opening always at the top. Inside the Bora Ball is a simple mixture of powdered sugar (the attractant) and Boric Acid (a non-detectable natural element of the earth). Boric acid is non-toxic and safe to marine life, but still contains one of the most effective pest control active ingredients in the market for boats.

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Sea Spray: Sea Spray is a pest control product that contains insecticidal soaps and oils contained in a small can with a pump top. This all-natural insecticide is safe for humans and marine life, which is a vital aspect of all Seapest boat products. Sea Spray is designed to kill the insect on contact and eliminate pest problems and infestation.

Sea Scent: Sea Kit’s Sea Scent is a citronella candle shaped like a seashell. Citronella oil is an essential oil obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of lemongrass. Citronella is also a renowned organic, plant-based insect repellent. The following image shows a mock-up of Sea Kit’s Sea Scent for boat infestation.

Shark Bite: The Shark Bite is a patent pending rodent trap design to look like a head of a shark with its dorsal fin. Our patent pending trap is the ONLY rodent trap that has a rear-loading feature. When the teeth are together and the trap is closed, you can pull the tongue out from the dorsal fin and load the bait on the trigger. Then, to set the trap, you slide the tongue back in place and press down on the dorsal fin to open the teeth of the shark. The process for loading bait and setting the trap is the safest to set a rodent trap. The following image shows a mock-up of Sea Kit’s Shark Bite trap.